In my podcast Episode 7 entitled “Commitment to Self Care and Self Care for Commitment” I discuss five life habits that I found helpful for taking care of my energy… because what good is free time if we have no energy within that free time to pursue our most meaningful commitments?  One of the strategies I mentioned is to take care of my sleep through the principles of “sleep hygiene.”    Since then listeners have asked for a podcast on this topic.  

My guest for this episode is Anna Urbaniak, who teaches sleep hygiene on a daily basis to US Veterans at the VA Hospital in East Orange NJ, USA.   Anna specializes in the treatment of anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

In this episode we learn about: 

  • Practices we should follow to achieve our best sleep
  • The link between sleep and larger appetite
  •  How sleep deprivation affects our brains
  • Teenager and elderly patterns of sleep
  • Dividing sleep into two parts in the evening (bifurcated sleep)

This episode is dedicated to Ginnie’s House, a non profit organization which provides100% free therapy for abused children. Learn more at  

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