This was a delightful and interesting conversation with Dr. Robert McGrath, psychologist and author.  Among other topics, we discuss:

*  What are the six virtues that religious and moral traditions across the planet have in common?

*  What have Dr. McGrath's studies of over one million people determined to be the “essential three” virtues?

*  What does it really take to be a good person?

*  What are the roles of courage, curiosity and humor?

*  What can Ben Franklin teach us about virtues?

*  Can we have too much of a virtue?

*  What happens if you are great at one virtue but lousy at another, are you still virtuous? 

*  Are virtues or moral sentiments seen in animals?

Guest Robert McGrath, PhD, is a world expert on the topic of character strength and virtue, and the co-author of The Power of Character Strengths (with Ryan Niemiec), which is coming February 2019.  Dr. McGrath is also the Director of the School of Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, the recipient of the New Jersey Psychological Association Psychologist of the Year Award, the Senior Scientist at the VIA Institute on Character and the Director of Integrated Care for the Underserved of Northeastern New Jersey.    He will gladly answer any questions about his work on virtue and character strengths at

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