Psychology studies have found that human groups have a tendency to scapegoat, especially during stressful times. What is scapegoating and who tends to be chosen to be the scapegoat in a group? What can you do when it's happening to you or in your world? In this episode Dr. Alexandra shares what psychology studies and literature have found about groups and scapegoating. She shares stories of case examples of scapegoating at work and at a funeral. Lastly, she reviews practical tips for what to do if you find that you are the scapegoat or if your group is scapegoating someone else. The podcast touches on the work of Abraham Maslow, Clay Alderfer and Leroy Wells, Jr. This podcast was sponsored by PonderRosa Studios of Lafayette, NJ. PonderRosa offers a professional New York experience and sound in a private, creative setting, including a comfortable environment for artists to reside while they record. If you enjoyed this podcast of Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra, please rate it on Itunes, press subscribe, or share it with a friend. Would you like to share your ideas, experience or comments on the topic of scapegoating? Visit 

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