Affairs, which soared during COVID,  are addictive and can cause harm all around.  In this episode psychologist guests Dr. Sharon Ryan Montgomery, Dr. Marcy Pasternak and Dr. Tamsen Thorpe share their expertise on the different types of affairs, how affairs impact children, the personality types of those who are more likely to have affairs, steps to take to heal from an affair and more.    In my practice I find that affairs can be painful and debilitating not only for the injured party but for individuals trying to get out of one.   Learn about how there are emotional affairs, virtual affairs, sexual-only affairs and fantasy affairs.  Learn about the intergenerational effects of a child being alienated (cut off) from a parent in hostile, high conflict divorces.    Our expert guests provide resources for how to heal after the effects of an affair.  

Dr. Marcy Pasternak, PhD ( is a clinical and forensic psychologist who practices in New Jersey.  She obtained her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Duke University.  While her practice serves individuals of all ages in both the clinical and forensic arena, her special interests include marital and family therapy, divorce therapy, forensic evaluations concerning custody and parenting time, removal, refuse/resist dynamics, grandparent visitation, risk assessment, and personal injury.  She often serves as a parenting coordinator, parenting coach, and is also an accredited divorce mediator, conducting both divorce mediation and therapeutic mediation.  She conducts multi-day intensive family interventions through a program called “Building Family Resilience,” an outgrowth of her practice.  These interventions are for families in which a child resists contact with a parent.   Dr. Pasternak has served as a psychological expert in numerous counties in New Jersey.  She was a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at New Jersey Medical School, UMDNJ, now voluntary faculty.  She is the past President of the New Jersey chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and has given numerous workshops and presentations to the mental health and legal communities in New Jersey and nationally.   

Dr. Sharon Ryan Montgomery, PsyD (, is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey.  Dr. Montgomery completed her doctorate in psychology from Rutgers University in 1982.  Her areas of expertise are in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.  Dr. Montgomery has served as an expert in over 2000 custody disputes and has also conducted evaluations in criminal matters, personal injury, marital tort cases, and testifies in court on numerous occasions.  She also serves as an individual, couples, family and reconciliation therapist; as well as a parenting coordinator, mediator, divorce coach and supervisor of other psychologists.   Dr. Montgomery also provides intensive therapy workshops and weekend intensives for families in which a child is refusing contact with a parent through the Building Family Resilience program.   She is the Past President of the New Jersey Psychological Association and the New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Human Services Association and the Morris County Psychological Association.  

Dr. Tamsen Thorpe ( counsels adults, couples and families in transition.  In therapy, she assists couples rekindle their relationship using a combination of techniques, the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), addressing such challe

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