Precepts 1 and 4 are especially for single parents but the rest apply to all parents. I created this list based on three things: what research has found in psychology, what I have learned from experience with my patients over fifteen years of private practice, and my own experience as a single mother of four children. Some precepts have to do with what we “do” and others have to do with what we “don’t do.” May these precepts lead to greater nurturing, love and peace in households of all types. ******************************* Do you want to teach your child about how to make the best of it even when they’re disappointed? Consider purchasing my recently published book entitled “There’s Always Hope: A Story About Overcoming” on or Sparta Books. I wrote it with love for children nine and under or to serve as a symbolic gift for an adult in your life who is in need of hope. Lastly, if you have enjoyed Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra, support us at no cost by leaving us a rating on iTunes, sharing it with a friend and pressing subscribe. 

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