Parents like myself would like to know that their children will “be okay” and bounce back should bad things happen to them, and tough times will inevitably happen in life.  How can we build skills in ourselves and in our children to be able to “bounce back” and grow stronger from adversity?

Expert guest Heidi Keller, PhD discusses resilience, how we can have more of it and how we can teach our children to have more of it.   Dr. Keller, a clinical psychologist, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and at the end of the episode she talks about how what she has learned about resilience has helped her.  

Other topics discussed include:  

  • Three practical questions that help build resilience in adults and children
  • Three ways the people who have experienced abuse or trauma are different than others
  • How the self-esteem movement in the United States was unhelpful
  • The wrong way to compliment a child and the best way to give a child encouragement
  • What the U.S. military does to teach soldiers resilience

For listeners who are couples. . . remember from Episode #9 on this show entitled “The Honeymoon Phase of Love” when we talked about how in order to keep those honeymoon feelings going beyond the first six months of your relationship, you need to actively do new & interesting things together?   For listeners local to New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania, please consider attending the MS FunRaiser July 02nd 2019 at Farmstead Golf and Country Club in Lafayette, NJ.  This dinner and dancing event features Val and Jenna from ABC TV’s Dancing with the Stars.   Money raised from tickets and donations will help and support those Multiple Sclerosis, MS, in this region of the United States.  This event is run by the guest on this show, Dr. Heidi Keller.  E-mail for tickets.

P.S. The photo used as artwork for this show was taken by my 10 year old son George (_geogre.art_)who was given the assignment “create a photo that represents resilience.”  This gave me a chance to teach him about what resilience means!    

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