It surprised me to learn that we have over two million people in prison in the United States.  The majority of individuals in prison will eventually be released into the community. . . and who will they become after the prison experience?  This episode presents the results of research just completed on a novel therapy for rehabilitating men in a maximum security prisons.    Learn the elements of an approach which seeks to address the root of the problem, and in the process learn techniques for healing and breaking free of anger and resentment.

Guest Dr. Maria Gambaro is a licensed psychologist who has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to forgiveness counseling, research and assessment. She is one of the principle authors of the research and paper we will cover today. Guest Dr. Robert Enright is the founder of the International Forgiveness Institute and has been featured in Time Magazine and ABC’s 20/20 as the pioneer of the scientific study of forgiveness.  Dr. Enright is a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is the author of the Eight Keys to Forgiveness.    This is the second time I have had Dr. Enright on the show – find him in a previous very popular episode entitled “How to Forgive.” 

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