Dr. Alexandra, Dr. Michelle Pievsky and Neill Clark share seven practical tips on how to cope with stressful and unexpected circumstances.

For further podcasts that may be particularly helpful for coping during COVID 19, search Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra for. . . .

Caring for our Immune System:

#31. Mind Your Microbiota

#16.  Your Best Sleep

General Coping:  

#4.  Facing Our Fears

#25. Resilience, Overcoming and Fortitude

#20.  For Couples:  The Second Shift

#5.  When Our Thoughts Get in the Way (and How to Get Relief)

#19. Facing the Unknown Part 1

#29. Grief

Thank you to my 5th grade son George for the cover artwork.  Find his artwork and photography on toads and more at his artwork (@grego.andrew).  

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