Your heart is racing,  your hands are tingling, you can’t breathe and you wonder:  “Is this a heart attack?  Why does it feel like the world is crashing down on me?”

In this episode learn: 
* What a panic attack is and is not
* Evidence-based strategies for overcoming panic
* The role of medication when treating panic disorder 
*  The treatment approach for Tourette’s syndrome, a disorder related to motor and vocal tics, another expertise held by the episode guest.  
Expert guest for this episode is Dr. Rob Zambrano, a psychologist at Stress and Anxiety Services of New Jersey (  Dr. Zambrano, who specializes in panic, Tourette’s syndrome and the anxiety spectrum disorders, will surprise listeners with what may seem like a paradoxical strategy to overcoming a panic attack.  

This episode is dedicated to Ginnie’s House, a non-profit organization which provides 100% free therapy to abused children and their caregivers.  Learn more at 

Thank you _geogre.art_ , my son, for the photograph.

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