How can we stop uncontrollable and unintentional weight gain?  What can we do about it, what works and how do we stick to it?   Should those with serious weight problems consider bariatric surgery and medication?

I recently learned so much about obesity from incredibly informed health psychologist Dr. Dina Goldstein Silverman.  After watching her excellent presentation at the 2020 NJPA Conference I asked her if she would be a guest on podcast.  We are joined in this conversation by attorney and my husband, Neill W. Clark.

Expert guest Dr. Dina Goldstein Silverman is the recipient of the Frank and Mary Ann Dattilio Education Award from the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. She was recently recognized by South Jersey Magazine for the Reader's Choice Award in 2019 and 2017.  She is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Cooper University Hospital where she teaches evidence-based psychotherapy and provides individual supervision to psychiatry residents, medical students, and post-doctoral and pre-doctoral clinical health psychology residents.  

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