This episode’s guest is Dr. Sean Sullivan, psychologist and the author of The Mind Master’s Silent Journey and Be Your Purpose:  10 Science Based Steps to Feeling and Performing Your Best.  Dr. Sullivan has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. During the pandemic, the University of California approved piloting a mode of therapy that Dr. Sullivan developed called “Shift Therapy” at the Santa Cruz campus (UCSC). After two years of successful pilots, UCSC’s Health Center subscribed their entire 20,000+ member community to receive Shift Therapy in 2023.   

Through this episode we discuss the following and more:  
 *    the value of 5 minutes of exercise before meditating to settle your mind
 *    A technique in which you purposely introduce your triggers in order to gain mastery over the
 *    Visiting “the silence” or stillness within yourself daily 
 *    A specific approach to meditation, which Dr. Sean Sullivan has developed into an app
 *    “Backward time stamping.”  This comes at the end and is pretty deep!  


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