Two days after my first baby Rebecca was born, as I held her, nursed her and loved her so much, I also mourned. . . knowing that one day I would need to let her go.    Now she’s seventeen, lovely, and about to enter her senior year of high school.  At the end of next summer she’ll be living at college.  It’ll soon be the start of her launch, and her freedom.  When she comes back, she’ll have already tasted independence like never before. . . In this episode on “Launching Children and Letting Go” learn about:  

  • What it’s like for parents after children are launched
  • Healthy and unhealthy attachment
  • What it means when the adolescent or teenager “pulls away” 
  • How to prevent secrets and lying with adolescents and teenagers
  • How to “let go” of children
  • How to assist children with moving toward independence
  • Inspirational examples

Song by Tom Askin of PonderRosa Studios, butterfly illustration by Briana Giasullo

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