This is the 16th of a 17 part series of super brief, stand alone podcasts (5 – 10 minutes each) on the topic of forgiveness.  In each show, I will ask just one question of Dr. Robert Enright, PhD, internationally renowned expert on the science and psychology of forgiveness. This episode answers the question: Can forgiveness and justice happen together?    Dr. Enright brings in Aristotle in his answer . . . 

The following is a complete list of episodes in this series, which can be found at the Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra podcast: 

  1. What is the definition of forgiveness?  
  2. What are the benefits of forgiveness?
  3. What are the two paradoxes of forgiveness?
  4. Is forgiveness just about religion? 
  5. What is it to work the “forgiveness muscle?”
  6. What are some of the criticisms of the idea of forgiveness?
  7. Why is an “eye for an eye” not the best way?
  8. If I forgive, I’m afraid I’ll forget OR if I forgive, I’m afraid I won’t forget.
  9. Why is forgiveness better than a neutral attitude toward the wrongdoer?
  10. Isn’t forgiveness unhealthy repression?
  11. Do I forgive if the person continues to hurt me?
  12. Should I forgive immediately or should I take some time first?
  13. What if multiple people have hurt you, how do you decide who to forgive first? 
  14. How long does it take to get emotional relief after forgiving, if at all?
  15. How often should one forgive?  
  16. Can forgiveness and justice happen together?  
  17. What are the physical and emotional risks of not forgiving?  (not yet released)

Dr. Robert Enright is the 2022 recipient of the Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology by the American Psychological Foundation.  As the founder of the scientific study of forgiveness, Dr. Enright has authored seven books and over 100 publications on the topic and related topics, including studies on cross-cultural interpersonal forgiveness.   Dr. Enright developed an early intervention to promote a model of forgiveness that can be self-taught or used in therapeutic settings.  Dr. Enright is a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   To learn more about forgiveness and Dr. Robert Enright, visit    

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