I am excited to share this episode with you not only because Kevin is a dear friend from college but because he is one of the most delightful and interesting people I know!    Our conversation in this episode includes:   

  • What it’s like for non-traditional and African American fathers battling stereotype expectations about fatherhood
  • How men’s bodies change once they become fathers, including decreases in testosterone
  • The “father culture” of Sweden
  • Fathers in prison
  • “Dead Broke” Dads
  • Reforming child support to include the economic value of “time spent.”
  • Spoken and unspoken rules about storytelling and its impact on society

Kevin Maillard (kevinmaillard.com) is Professor of Law at Syracuse University and a contributing editor to the New York Times.  He specializes in Family Law, Constitutional Law, and popular culture. He also has written for The Atlantic and has provided on-air commentary to ABC News and MSNBC. He is the co-editor of Loving v. Virginia in a Post-Racial World (with Rose Villazor, Cambridge 2012).  An enrolled member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, he is the author of the forthcoming 2019 children's book, FRY BREAD.  

Neill W. Clark, father of four, adds commentary to this conversation.


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