Worry about the unknown can take up our precious time and energy.  We may feel like the worry is going to help us control the outcome, but chances are constant worrying about the unknown is wasting our time!  This podcast offers a few practical steps for productively dealing with the unknown so that we can instead turn our energy toward our more fulfilling, productive and meaningful commitments.  

*   Why our brains assume the worst when facing the unknown

*   How repeated chronic stress can leads to back and stomach pain

*   How to move out of the physical state of stress when it’s *bad*

*   How to mentally shift our perspective when facing the unknown

This podcast is dedicated to Ginnie’s House, a non-profit which offers free therapy for abused children.  Learn more or support them at ginnieshouse.org.  

Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dralexandra)

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