For this episode I interview Dr. R. Wolf Shipon, psychologist and author of “One Minute Healing.” We discuss gratitude, how psychology has blended with acupuncture, the techniques he uses to treat patients with the fear of public speaking and other phobias and how our past doesn’t have to predict our future. Wolf is one of the most positive and delightful people I know and I hope you’ll enjoy his company as much as I did. Learn more about Wolf’s practice in Mountain Lakes, NJ at 

I’m also delighted to share that I’ve just published my first children’s book, entitled “There’s Always Hope,” which teaches about the joy of life even if things don’t go exactly as planned (you may find it on Sydney’s story will touch the hearts of both children and adults as they read about how she overcomes an obstacle she didn’t expect. “There’s Always Hope” is beautifully illustrated by Briana Giasullo. I wrote “There’s Always Hope” with love for children ages nine and under or to serve as a symbolic gift for any adult who needs encouragement. 

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