Enjoy our conversation as we span a range of interesting topics within psychology, including: Can we increase our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through an app? What is “Digital Cocaine?” What is happening with artificial intelligence and facial recognition, and what are the implications? Can we learn from micro expressions on the human face? How can we use technology to better ourselves psychologically? What can we learn from rejection? How can we effectively give others space when they need it? How can we manage “expectancy effect” or what other peoples’ expectations are of us? Why is accessing emotions important for making good decisions? How do stress responses cause long term physical problems? What is Integrated Psychology and how can psychological care help with medical problems? In this 10th Episode Of Psychology America I interview Silja Litvin, founder and CEO of Psych Apps and creator of eQuoo, an app designed to use games to increase emotional intelligence in adults. (To find this app search http://bit.ly/eQuooiPhone http://bit.ly/eQuooAndroid). This interview took place between myself in New Jersey, USA and Silja Litvin in London and we did it through a Skype call. We have also turned the episode into a YouTube video which can be found on PsychologyAmerica.com or Siljalitvin.com under the same above title. If you enjoyed this episode and others, there are a few ways that you can show your support: 1) visit iTunes and leave us a 5-Star rating, 2) order a book from PsychologyAmerica.com where there is a selection of books I’ve personally chosen (your order will go seamlessly through to Amazon.com) or 3) press subscribe to continue to receive new episodes. Do you want to teach your child nine and under about how to have an optimistic outlook even when things go wrong? Consider purchasing my book entitled: “There’s Always Hope: a Story About Overcoming.” A link to this book on Amazon can be found on The Psychologyamerica.com website or directly at Amazon.com. The beautiful illustrations were painted by Philadelphia resident Briana Giasullo. 

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