I consider Agape love to be the highest form of love and I’m so excited to share this topic with you.  On this show Dr. Robert Enright, PhD, and I discuss the following and more: 

  • What is the definition of Agape Love and how is it different than other forms of love, such as Eros (romantic love) or love among family?  
  • Are feelings of love necessary to practice Agape Love?  
  • How does Agape Love fit in with justice and fairness?  
  • How does Agape Love fit in with other virtues defined by psychology and religion?  

Dr. Robert Enright is the 2022 recipient of the Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology by the American Psychological Foundation.  Dr. Enright is the Aristotelian Professor in Forgiveness Science in the School of Education's Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   For his work in the peace movement, Dr. Enright has been named the Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International.  As the founder of the scientific study of forgiveness, Dr. Enright has authored seven books and over 100 publications, including cross-cultural studies, on this and related topics.

I dedicate most of my podcast episodes to non-profit groups and today’s show is dedicated to: 

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