In this episode Dr. Kendahl Shortway shares the results of her recent study entitled:  “New Jersey Coaches and Athletic Directors Perspectives:  Gender Nonbinary Athletes.”     

Dr. Shortway, Neill Clark and I also discuss:   

  • Important definitions, including the meaning of “nonbinary,” transgender, genderfluid, cisgender LGBTQA+ and more for listeners who are unfamiliar
  • Concepts and questions about the psychology and biology of gender
  • What the NCAA and Olympic Committee rules state as it relates to participation by transgender athletes.  

Dr. Kendahl Shortway, PsyD is the co-author of the Routledge Handbook of Clinical Sport Psychology (in publication 2020) and much of her research has focused on sports psychology.    She teaches and serves as research coordinator at Kean University.

Neill Clark, formerly a NCAA Division 1 Track and Field athlete and currently a master’s competitive athlete in running and swimming, offers his perspective as an athlete and an attorney.  

Yesterday (6-15-20) the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, protects transgender & homosexual people from workplace discrimination.  Listen to this podcast for a primer on LBGTQA+ terms, definitions and concepts and learn about the controversial topic of transgender athletes competing in sports.     

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